K-8 Theology of the Body

This Theology of the Body curriculum was designed by the Office of Religious Education in collaboration with many parents, teachers, and administrators. It was developed in order to help our K-8 Catholic School parents and teachers to address the issues we face in an over-sexualized culture in a way that is age-appropriate and faithful to truth and charity of Christ. Above all, “this curriculum is meant to bring the light of the Gospel, so powerfully proclaimed by John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, to our students” (Bishop Conley). It contains a variety of components:

1. Introduction - Bishop Conley’s opening letter, an introduction and overview, a parent resource page, and a teacher resource page (included in the PDF)

2. Curriculum - The full K-8th TOB curriculum and a glossary of terms (also included in the PDF)

3. Text booksLove and Life: A Christian Sexual Morality Guide for Teens for 7th Grade and Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition for 8th Grade

4. Preparatory Resources – introductory videos by and for elementary and middle school teachers, corresponding introductory powerpoints with notes, and the curriculum texts according to grade level. Also included is a link to the TOB teacher forum and Fr. Sean Kilcawley's fifteen part TOB Teacher Seminar (Below)

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Preparatory Resources for K-8 Catholic School Teachers

This section includes videos and corresponding powerpoints with ideas on how to incorporate the TOB curriculum into your current teaching as well as downloadable Word documents of the curriculum according to grade level. Teachers from a variety of schools and grade levels have generously offered to share their insights and experiences on how to incorporate TOB into their classrooms.  Many of them have already piloted the more sensitive aspects of this curriculum and so are able to offer encouraging advice. Their variation in approaches and styles is meant to highlight that there are different ways in which the K-8 TOB curriculum can be applied for our students. Teachers are welcomed to watch their own grade level presentation, and perhaps the grade above and below, in order to gain useful tips and see different teaching styles.

Our hope and prayer is that this page will provide a helpful support for you as you lead your students into a deeper relationship with God and help them to know the great dignity he has given them as his beloved sons and daughters. May God bless you! To view these resources simply click on the tile images.

Teacher Forum

Many Lincoln Diocese school teachers expressed interest in having a TOB forum to better communicate and share resources with one another on TOB issues. Here is a link to a newly established forum through fourmotion.

TOB Teacher Seminar

In June of 2017, Father Sean Kilcawley offered a week long intensive seminar on Saint John Paul II’s catechesis on Human Love in the Divine Plan, for teachers and catechists. This course is of great help in preparing teachers to share the key TOB concepts with their students that are found in the new diocesan K-8 Theology of the Body curriculum. The YouTube playlist includes all fifteen videos. The major themes include: 1. TOB and the New Evangelization; 2. In the Beginning-Original Man; 3. Original Solitude & Unity; 4. Original Solitude, Unity & Innocence; 5. Original Innocence and Love; 6. Motherhood & Fatherhood; 7. Love and Attachment; 8. Appeal to the Heart - Historical Man; 9. Meaning of Shame; 10. Relationships & Gender Issues; 11. Concupiscence; 12. Eros & Ethos; 13. Marriage; 14. The New Adam; 15. Question and Answer.

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